Raspberry Ketone Info


No-one has a magic weight loss wand, but raspberry ketones can help fight obesity as part of a balanced weight loss regimen. raspberry ketone info


Ketones are produced naturally by the body. Ketone production increases when, for example, someone wishing to lose weight starts to exercise in a “fasted” condition, which, normally, will be on waking in the morning a number of hours after taking the last meal and before eating breakfast (or anything else). Because there is nothing left in the gut to provide energy to fuel the exercise, the body starts to burn fat instead—fat is simply energy that was not used when the food was consumed and has instead been stored in the body.


Ketones are part of what makes that fat burning happen. The other important factor is adiponectone, a hormone that encourages the burning of fat. But the two are not independent; ketones and adiponectone work together and, in fact, trigger each other.


What raspberry ketone is- More raspberry ketone info

Raspberry ketone is a naturally occurring substance found, not surprisingly, in raspberries.  In fact, it’s what gives raspberries their smell. So if you’re wondering whether raspberry ketones are safe, the answer is: If you’ve eaten raspberries, you’ve already taken raspberry ketones! Lots of them if you’re a raspberry lover. Did you notice any ill effects? No? There’s your answer then—raspberry ketones are safe. They should be—they were first approved by the American Federal Drug Agency (FDA) in 1965, and no-one’s ever suggested removing that approval.


Why take raspberry ketone?

Raspberry ketones have been used in food and cosmetics for many, many years (and still are). What first excited researchers about their weight loss potential was the molecular structure, which very closely resembles that of capsaicin, found in chili peppers, and synephrine. Both of those boost the metabolism, causing more fat to be burned, and the suggestion was that raspberry ketone might have the same effect. It has since been proven that like capsaicin and synephrine, raspberry ketone increases lipolysis, which is the breakdown of fat and causes fat cells to release increased amounts of adiponectone—a win‒win!


Impact on weight loss industry

Transparency Market Research reports that the European weight management industry is worth over €180 billion, and raspberry ketones are transforming the industry because of their proven safety (having been used as a food additive since 1965), natural source, and ability to turn on the body’s own fat-burning mechanism.


Weight loss improves quality of life

Being overweight or obese has serious deleterious effects on physical health, but it does more than that—it eats away at self-image and self-confidence. Losing weight should never be overdone; you don’t want to replace one incapacitating condition with another, equal but opposite, one—and supplements like raspberry ketones, while important, are only part of a balanced approach:

  • Eat better: Consume fewer trans fats, less sugar, and less salt.
  • Take raspberry ketones